My family and I are in Minnesota again following four years in Switzerland and after a transition period I’m feeling at home here. May speak more about that later, but since I mentioned “home,” I thought I’d start out by finishing up what I started a while back. That is, the KITCHEN. It’s done. If you may recall, I shared a picture of it all torn up in February. This is what that looked like:


Before the contractor took it down to the studs, it looked like this (view from entry):


And this is what it looks like now:k 1

Another view:k 2

And finally, from kitchen into living room:

k 3

It was nice coming home to this rather than the 1970s kitchen we left in 2009, especially after living in our modern Swiss apartment for so long. I find it to be a tranquil place to write, very clean and uncomplicated. After taking a couple of months off from writing, I’m now making one more revision pass on my finished novel and have 15,000 words written on a new one. I like to write at the big table or the island. They work as a portable office (especially when the kids aren’t around).

I hope everyone is having a good autumn!