When I was a kid, I experienced several Halloweens when I was either too ill to go out and do my trick-or-treating, or I endured a shortened version, where my mom took me in a feverish state to a few houses down the block so I could have a few pieces of candy in my bag. Then I would head home, put my pajamas back on, and huddle under a blanket.

This year the illness hit me a couple of weeks later than Halloween, smack dab in the middle of NaNoWriMo. Don’t know why I didn’t anticipate that this could be a possibility, but I did not, so when it happened I let out an inner “Oh Nooooooooooooo!” The thing is, you only have a month to get the words done. If you skip a day, you have twice as many to write the next. I was trying really hard to get my minimum number of words done each day to stay on track, but I wasn’t getting many more than the minimum done. To tell you the truth, getting the 1,667 out has been just about as much as I can do each night at 10:00 p.m. I think if I wasn’t working full-time I could possibly write some in the morning and then be ready for another round in the evening, but that late at night my tiredness takes over after a while and I’m stretching to get to the minimum number of words.

Thus, I was already setting myself up for a rush to the finish, an upload of my 50K on the evening of November 30th to get my validation and certificate, but then came the illness, that monster of a virus that threw me down and wouldn’t let me get up for several days. There were two days when I wrote next to nothing. And then I started trying to catch up, despite the fact that I still felt lousy. As of today, I’m not far behind. But I realize now it would have been nice to do perhaps a few extra hundred each day at the outset, which would have added up to a nice cushion by the time I started feeling sick. A good thought to put aside for next year.

My son is still in it, by the way. Fully on track to hit his 10K goal. Has written every day without fail. He’s my role model.