I need to finish my second round of revisions on my book. I call it my second round, although I have read through the thing several times, making edits here and there. But the changes that I’m working on now are more substantial. I am REWRITING THE ENDING. I am ADDING PARAGRAPHS. I am INSERTING REFERENCES. So perhaps this is really my first revision, but what about all of those other changes I made? The ones where I would read something and think, “That sounds really lame,” and make it disappear with my Delete Key? Those add up to something. Those add up to a revision. But all of this doesn’t really matter. I haven’t finished my revisions and I need to work on them. At this point, I don’t recall everything in the manuscript. I revise in snippets of half hours or even minutes attached by their edges like paper dolls across days and weeks. Sometimes I wonder what I would accomplish if I could write or revise for four hours a day. Four whole hours!
The fact of the matter is, I don’t know how to finish changing the ending that I have started to rewrite. So the revision sits there, incomplete.